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Welcome to Irishjobshare, the only specialised recruitment and consultancy firm working with employers to promote work-life balance in the Irish workplace. also serves as a web-based employment agency specialising EXCLUSIVELY in the recruitment of job seekers looking for 'flexible working arrangements' of which job sharing is just one.


Recruitment Agency:  We recruit for the best companies. Irish employers are discovering the flexibility and affordability of permanent part-time employment. Contact us. Ití»s the way forward!

Consulting Services to Employers:  We offer consulting services to employers, big or small, assisting them in tasks such as the introduction of work-life balance employment policies, preparation of job share and work share manuals, running workshops etc.

Placement Services for Job Seekers:  We meet with and advise job seekers, either entering or returning to the workforce, about the advantages of flexible working arrangements; and do our best to find them positions, regardless of occupation/profession.