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Is your company facing these challenges?
Are inflexible work practices jeopardising creativity, productivity and profitability within your organisation?
Have valuable employees recently left because their request for flexibility was denied?
Are you experiencing above-average turnover or absenteeism in a particular department or position?
Is there inherent resistance to hiring two part-timers rather than one full-time employee?
Is it proving difficult moving employees to flexible work arrangements?

How Irishjobshare can help
Irishjobshare is specialised in all areas of flexible working. Our skills and experience will help you achieve work-life balance within your organisation.Our company can assist you introduce, manage and evaluate flexible work policies and practices within your organisation, and analyse the effects in terms of benefits, costs, organisational change. In addition we:
• develop management tools and "train-the-trainer" materials such as manual(s), workshops, videos, CD-ROMs, etc. to educate senior and middle management, and departmental employees

assist management by introducing easy-to-use customised time/attendance/communication software and other integrated IT solutions
• advise on attracting, retaining and motivating the right people in your organisation, to build a vibrant workforce for the future.

Why is it important to introduce flexible working?
• The combination of social, economic, and legal forces is leading to substantial increase in requests for "less-than-full-time" employment within Irish firms (commuting difficulties due to traffic congestion; childcare problems; new equal opportunity laws and pending legislation on part-time working; etc.)
• Employers must now prove that they have given due consideration to all official employee requests for flexible work arrangements
• More and more new recruits are seeking a greater balance in their working and non-working lives.

The benefits of promoting work-life balance
• Cope with fluctuating personnel workloads
• Increased productivity and reduced absenteeism
• No more difficult-to-fill full-time posts
• A more motivated and contented workforce