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We can now help you find permanent part-time employment in all job sectors and disciplines.

If not currently working
In today's economy of unfilled job vacancies and high cost of living, many Irish people are considering re-entering the workforce or indeed working for the first time. Either way, it's a big step! Here's the dilemma. You want to come back to work but you are happy with your current lifestyle. You don't want to replace one set of pressures with another, i.e. full-time restraints, 9 to 5 hours, no family time, heavy workloads, etc. The answer has got to be flexible, permanent, and part-time. If you really want to return to work, we provide the services of a highly professional web based recruitment agency. If you need more information contact us or send us your CV.

If currently working full-time
Before you approach your employer and begin the sometimes lengthy process of moving from full-time to part-time employment, make sure you've asked yourself the right questions. The following questions should help clarify the issues involved:

• Would you like more flexibility in your working hours to:
  • balance work/family responsibilities
  • return from maternity/paternity leave
  • care for a sick or elderly relative
  • work less than full-time, e.g., for reasons of health/disability
  • spend more time on other interests?
  • • Are you ready to give up part of your job to a co-worker or job-share partner?
    • Have you thought about the financial implications of reducing your salary?
    • If you have career ambitions, will reduced hours allow you reach these goals?
    • Are you ready to put time and effort into building a solid and trustworthy working relationship with your full-time colleagues and managers?

    If you've answered "Yes" to most of these questions, you're ready to move to a more flexible job arrangement. Irishjobshare can be of assistance in the following ways:
    1) Work with you and/or your employers to reformat your current job.
    2) Register you for free as a Candidate.

    If you need more information contact us or send us your CV.

    Overcoming the Obstacles
    Research has shown that in many cases companies are afraid to modify long-standing traditional employment arrangements. The reality is that, with some well-placed advice, this process is not too difficult to set up. What's more, flexible employment practices can bring the employer many advantages. You or your manager can contact Irishjobshare's consulting service for a free presentation on how to restructure a specific position or introduce work life balance into your organisation.